YouTube campaigns

YouTube is, behind Google, the most popular search engine and the first video-sharing website in the world. It is also the most visited homepage on the Internet in Poland. Around 15 million Polish people visit YouTube everyday!

With such a broad reach you can target your audience more effectively. YouTube is a part of Google Display Network which means that you can take advantage of text, image and video ads. These can be displayed:

  • after a user initiates video play on YouTube (before watching) – an InStream Ad,

  • in search results on YouTube or in Google Display Network – an InDisplay Ad,

  • after a user initiates video play on YouTube (in the middle of a watched video) – an InVideo Ad.

InStream and InDisplay Ads are priced according to CPV model (cost per view), i.e. for watching the entire ad or its first 30 seconds (if it is longer than 30 seconds), and InVideo Ads according to CPC model (cost per click).

That way, also in this scenario you pay only for the effect.

Kampania Youtube

Nowadays everybody uses YouTube, so it is a perfect place to search for prospective clients. Thanks to many targeting methods you can tailor your offer to reach the specific audience – e.g. based on interest categories, video subjects, certain video materials, channels, sex or age.

As a YouTube partner we can also offer other kinds of ads, e.g.:

  • Non-skippable video ads, or

  • Ads on YouTube homepage.

See you on YouTube!