AdWords Campaigns

Sponsored links (AdWords) are believed to be the most popular way of online advertising offered by Google. The key features of this service are:

  • payment for entering your website only – CPC model (cost per click),

  • immediate results – after Google’s vetting the campaign is visible in search engine at once,

  • measurable effects – AdWords system allows counting the specific user actions (leads) that were performed after clicking the ad. That way you can evaluate the effectiveness of actions undertaken.

  • huge trust among users – it is the so called “pull advertising”, meaning that ads are displayed solely at user’s request. It’s the user who makes the first step by entering the product or service name into a search engine. Then the user can see the ad matching the phrase or key word that he/she searched for – the ad literally matching his or her needs.

  • cost control – you can decide what sum of money you can afford for this kind of online advertising

Kampania Adwords

Moreover, the AdWords system offers a wide range of settings, such as: geolocation, leading to different devices or remarketing (allowing you to show ads to those that have already been to your website). Thanks to the right campaign configuration we can reach the users at every stage of a sale process.

As a reputable SEM agency we pay much attention to the quality of our operations and the continuous optimization of our effects-oriented campaigns. This translates directly into return on investment (ROI).

We offer advertising services not only in the most popular Google AdWords PPC system, but also run campaigns in such networks as AdKontekst, Bing/Yahoo Network, Yandex or AdRoll.

Your ad can be displayed in Google even today!